Q. What staff does the rental fee include?
A. Includes 1-2 bartenders, 1 security person and on-site banquet manager.

Q. Do I have to use a catering service?
A. Yes, You may bring in your own licensed, bonded catering service.

Q. Can my caterer cook and prepare food onsite?
A. Yes. hourly fee applies.

Q. Can I bring my own liquor in?
A. Yes,You must bring in your own beer, wine and liquor, and bar related supplies.

Q. Are there additional fees for the bar?
A. No, our bartenders will serve from the bar…no corkage fees or tax added.

Q. Can I charge for drinks?
A. No, we do not carry a liquor license to charge for drinks, must be an open bar.

Q. When can my event begin?
A. On a Saturday it cannot begin before 5:30 p.m. Any other evening you may begin earlier.

Q. The day of, when can we/caterer/ vendors arrive?
A. Four hours prior to the begin time of your event.

Q. Can I bring a professional decorator in?
A. Yes

Q. Do you have chair covers?
A. Yes

Q. What time does Cedars Hall close?
A. The bar closes at 11:45, your event must end at midnight. All decorations, food, bar related items must be removed; all guests and vendors must vacate the premises by 1 a.m.

Q. Do I have to clean up?
A. At the end of the night you are responsible for clearing the tables, pick up large items, our staff will do the rest.

Q. Can I leave my things to pick up the next day?
A. No, everything and everyone must be gone by 1 a.m.